Monday bar deal: Wear 80s wrestling garb, get free oysters at Parched Pig

Jan 08, 2018
Richard Graulich/ The Palm Beach Post
Parched Pig oysters are a steal on Monday nights, when the bar runs its "Raw" specials.

Here’s a deal that might send you to dig up that vintage Rey Mysterio mask from storage: Dress up in 80s wrestling attire and get free, freshly shucked oysters at The Parched Pig bar in Palm Beach Gardens.

And no double-knee armbreakers are required – unless you consider the nudging of the oyster from the half-shell a wrestling move. 

The spandex garb fun and puns come courtesy of The Parched Pig’s “Monday Night Raw” series. Pretty much, the deal catapults the bar’s usual Monday “a buck a shuck” oyster special to another (more surreal) level. 

Sure, you can still come as you are on a Monday night and get $1 oysters. (They’re usually priced at $2.75 to $3.50 per oyster.) But come as The Iron Sheik or maybe Andre the Giant and you can scoop-slam those oysters for free. 

Did someone say “free oysters?” If you own wrestling attire like this Rey Mysterio Jr. mask -- yes, that’s him after a 2016 match in Austin -- you can score free oysters at The Parched Pig.   Photo: Tina Phan/ Cox Newspapers 

The fine print: The wrestling attire will earn you free oysters once a month. 

The Parched Pig’s oyster deals are offered until from 4 to 11 p.m. on Monday nights. Management says the deal will continue “until further notice.” 

The Parched Pig: 4580 Donald Ross Rd. (Suite 100 in Donald Ross Village), Palm Beach Gardens; 561-360-3063.