Diner en Blanc: What a ‘secret’ dinner brings to West Palm Beach

Nov 06, 2017
  • By Carla Trivino
  • Mundo Hispánico Palm Beach
Jessica Palmer and Christine Newman came down from Stuart  to attend the exclusive all-white Diner en Blanc in Riviera Beach City Marina. (Carla Trivino / The Palm Beach Post) 

It was an elegant Saturday night under the stars accompanied by champagne, lobster tails and a view of the Riviera Beach marina.

The exclusive, flash-mob style Diner en Blanc hosted more than 600 guests dressed to the nines in an all-white attire occasion. People of all backgrounds set up dinner tables next to strangers who went on to become friends by the end of the night.

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Fashion designer and event organizer Nora David made her own outfit for the event: an all-white ensemble with a top resembling a tear-drop in mourning of the horrific events occurring all over the world.

“After all the things that happened this year it’s nice to get together as a group and enjoy life,” David said.

David fell in love with the event hosted in Miami and wanted to bring it up north. Along with fellow organizers Jimmy Moïse and Corhinn Brunot, they brought Diner en Blanc to West Palm Beach, a place they felt offered amazing locations and a diverse culture. 

Aixa Colon Stacy attended for a second time and invited her friend and newcomer Liz Pitre. Both ladies are of Puerto Rican descent but now live in South Florida.

“This is one of the coolest things ever,” Colon Stacy said. “Especially, for all these people coming together.”

They both loved the event so much they’re thinking of traveling to another state or even out of the country to attend other Diners en Blanc.

Guests don’t know the event location until hours before, adding a secretive magic touch to the evening. Several buses arrive and hundreds of people pour into the marina ready to set up their dinner tables with chairs, decorations and food, and making sure that when they leave, no trace of the party is left behind.

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During the elegant dinner, Saxophonist Reginald Ellison walked through the aisles wooing women with his renderings of popular R&B and pop songs.

Reginald Ellison entertained guests at Diner en Blanc with his saxophone as he played renderings of popular R&B and pop songs. (Carla Trivino / The Palm Beach Post)

The light of sparklers marked the time to head to the dance floor as DJ Pheniks played the best from the Caribbean, from Reggaetón to dancehall.

If you missed out this year, you can catch the event in other cities around the U.S. like Orlando and Houston.

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