Super Bowl week TV sales supplant Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is known for its rock-bottom doorbusters, but when it comes to television purchases, you may want to wait until the Super Bowl before you start shopping.

Super Bowl week sales beat out Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the most popular time of year to buy a television, according to’s Annual TV Shopping Study.

Retail experts say many football fans are looking for a larger television set with the latest features — including 4K and Ultra HD technology — in advance of the big game. This is especially true for fans who plan to host Super Bowl parties, experts say.

“All of the big box retailers look to this time of year, and all of them will have deals,” said James Miller, a spokesman for the Florida Retail Federation. “Retailers are always looking for tie-ins to try to sell merchandise, whether it is Black Friday or whether it is a big TV event. And nothing is bigger than the Super Bowl.”

BrandsMart U.S.A., an electronics and appliance store with stores in Florida and Georgia, is no exception.

Angus Bryan, the company’s senior vice president of merchandising electronics, said shoppers can expect big deals centered around the Super Bowl, including packages that bundle televisions with other products, like sound systems and other electronics.

“From a promotional standpoint, we always have something going and the Super Bowl is no different,” Bryan said. “It is a great time to be a consumer because the deals are out there.”

Recent price drops on high-tech televisions are also driving demand, experts say.

Over the last two years prices on 4K televisions have plummeted, making them more affordable for most shoppers, Bryan said.

“It is now within the range for everyone,” Bryan said.

More than a quarter of Americans plan to buy a new television this year, according to, an online deal website based in Beloit, Wis. Of those, 25 percent will make the purchase in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. That’s up 47 percent from last year, the website’s study found.

The study found that about 18 percent of shoppers will wait until Black Friday to make their purchase, a decrease of 40 percent from last year.

Brent Shelton, a FatWallet spokesman, said although Black Friday’s ultra-low priced deals may “look better on the surface,” Super Bowl sales offer a larger selection and higher quality television sets.

“During current sales, shoppers can expect savings of 20 percent or more on TV models loaded with features, connectivity, higher resolutions and refresh rates, which is what shoppers want for viewing TV programming with fast paced sports and action, and for gaming,” Shelton said. “Plus, apart from doorbusters, much of the left-over Black Friday inventory is still available at similar pricing.”

Howard Schaffer, Vice President of, a website for bargain shoppers, said the deals get even sweeter after the Super Bowl.

“If you need it, you are going to get a very good price,” Schaffer said. “But you won’t get the best price until after the Super Bowl.”

The big game comes on the heels of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, which was held in Las Vegas this month. After the Super Bowl, retailers will be looking to clear out merchandise to make way for new products that were featured at the annual electronics show, Schaffer said.

“They need to clear out for 2016 models,” Schaffer said. “Retailers are looking to get rid of the older models.”

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