Great white shark spotted in Everglades National Park

10:45 p.m Monday, Feb. 5, 2018 Local
(Robert Snow/OCEARCH)
A file photo of Katharine, one of many great white sharks tagged by the scientific research group OCEARCH. 

A great white shark that was tagged a year ago off Nantucket was tracked Sunday off the southwest Florida coast near a remote Everglades National Park campsite, according to scientists.

George is one of about 30 great whites being tracked as part of a project to better understand their habits, the Miami Herald reported. 

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Spotting a great white in the park's shallow waters is unusual, spokeswoman Denese Canedo told the Herald. "It’s outside their normal habitat [in deep waters] and is is very, very rare that they would occur in our waters or our vicinity."

Over the past 18 months, George has been tracked for more than 4,500 miles, from the edge of the continental shelf in the Gulf of Mexico to Key West to Northeast Florida. 

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He was nearly 10 feet long and more than 700 pounds when he was tagged, but he's likely grown to around 1,000 pounds, a senior scientist told the Herald.

The researchers are trying to understand why great whites swim south during the fall, even though they can handle cold water.

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The nonprofit OCEARCH group hopes to eventually track 60 of the sharks off the U.S. east coast and Canada. 

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