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Presidential holiday

conjurs ‘Camelot’

We did enjoy moments of “Camelot” with President John Kennedy and his wife Jackie when they came to Palm Beach. Many thanks to Barbara Marshall for her feature story, “A Presidential Holiday,” (April 16), about John F. Kennedy with his family at their last Easter holiday here in 1963. And thanks also to the local people she interviewed for sharing their memories of that special time. John grew up here at the home of parents Ambassador Joe and Rose Kennedy. As a youth, he was one of the guys who would hang out at Green’s pharmacy. There was nothing pretentious about this young man who would rise so high. After he was elected president, he would visit and as a young reporter for the Palm Beach Post-Times, I was fortunate to be assigned to cover him. We were hopeful for a better world, “a more congenial spot,” maybe like the one promised in “Camelot.”


Workshops won’t halt

opioids addiction

I am completely confused regarding the opioid epidemic. People are demanding that a public health emergency be declared and that more money should be allocated for workshops. Apparently, workshops are supposed to provide information on existing resources and to hear specific needs of affected communities. How does this help the existing epidemic? Where do these addicts get their supply? In order to combat this epidemic, shouldn’t the police or proper agencies go after the “pushers” and stop the supply before it’s sold? Fortunately, I am completely ignorant concerning drugs, but trying to help these addicts after they become addictive is like closing the door after the horse escapes from the barn.


Late Marlins pitcher

deserves no statue

The possibility that a statue may be erected in honor of Jose Fernandez, the Marlin’s late pitcher - who died at a young age - is absurd.

It has been determined that at the time of his death, he had drugs in his system, which may have caused a lack of judgment, resulting in a boating accident, resulting in his own death as well as that of two passengers.

Why would a person be honored for such an action?


Constitution panel

prayer out of place

My confidence in our state’s political system went right out the window on April 7 when the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) began their Boca Raton proceedings with a religious prayer … in Jesus’ name.

When one of the 37 commissioners was questioned about this inappropriate content, she said the prayer was on the agenda, but an outline or the exact wording was never submitted to the chairman beforehand for approval. In other words, poor judgment and poor planning. Brace yourselves, fellow Floridians. In 18 months, when the CRC issues its recommendations for constitutional changes that we should vote upon, separation of church and state may be thrown under the bus.


Do submarines pose

threat to Trump?

During World War II, Nazi submarines were spotted off the east coast of the U.S., from Miami to Maine. Mar-A-Lago is about 100 yards off of the Atlantic Ocean.

While Secret Service personnel are quite adept at protecting the president and his family on land, there appears to be a very valid question on what protection the president may have from enemy submarines, especially now that many have the ability to set their sights with guided missiles on board, aimed at targets on land.

It is ironic that vehicles cannot get close to Mar-A-Lago, but who is monitoring submarines?


Where is outrage over

U.S. kids killed by guns?

The hypocrisy of the Trump administration, Congress and the NRA never ceases to amaze.

Our concern for the lives of children in Syria is more pressing than the lives of American children. After Columbine, Newtown, and most recently in San Bernardino. Where is the outrage? American kindergarten children were murdered by assault weapons. American teens were gunned down in their classrooms. A 9-year-old killed by a disgruntled spouse of a teacher. All murdered by gun violence. I, for one, am tired of the lame excuses handed out by the NRA and Congress, and the crazy interpretation of the Second Amendment by the gun lobby.

The founders of our great country would be appalled to see how this amendment has been twisted and misinterpreted. The amendment was added as a safeguard against the British or any other foreign government invading our country; to have a well-regulated militia. The national guard is our “well-regulated militia.” Today’s supposed patriots who believe that the founders wanted every citizen armed to the teeth are delusional. Before we go rushing in to save foreign children, save American children by enacting sane gun laws. President Trump should keep his campaign promise, “America First.”


Health care needed,

not monster bombs

As to Trump’s and our outrage at Syrian president Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons: Our military dropped chemical weapons, agent orange and napalm, that killed, burned to the bone, or caused birth defects and cancer for over 10 years. Who stopped us or held us accountable?

Now our military just dropped the “mother of all bombs” on Afghanistan. What kind of country spends $314 million developing a 21,000-pound bomb, that costs $16 million each, and yet can’t afford health care for its own people?


Trump tax returns

would ease worries

President Donald Trump’s failure to disclose his past tax returns is clouding up the heads and hearts of “We the People.” Why not let the tax statements be shown so we then can all breathe a sigh of relief?


Keep Trump tax

returns private

I don’t care a thing about President Donald Trump releasing his tax returns, and I doubt that the protestors this past weekend do either. We saw what happened when Mitt Romney released his. We have already seen the media feeding frenzy that would occur. These are wealthy, successful men and their taxes should be private. We should be glad that successful people want to be president, and not discourage that by trying to ridicule them.


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