Letters Washington train crash bodes ill for Brightline

Washington train

crash bodes ill

After hearing about the horrendous accident of the high-speed train in Washington state on its first passenger-carrying trip, it’s with a sense of foreboding one reads the recent headline “Feds clear path for Brightline’s Orlando service” (Sunday).

If the new Florida system has a derailing of a locomotive at about 1 mph in its rail yard, how can it safely manage speeds of over 100 mph through our communities?

We don’t know yet why the train crashed. Could it be a design flaw in the track or the train? Was it human error on the part of the person at the controls of the train? It could be all three possible causes. Which of these human frailties also lurk within the Brightline organization?


Shouldn’d Aronberg

investigate Trump?

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., has a valid point regarding who has jurisdiction over violations of state law (“Frankel leads call: Investigate Trump,” Dec 12).

It is a fact that President Donald Trump is a part-time resident of Palm Beach County, Florida. If U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, and her coalition believe that Trump must be investigated for criminal activity, why isn’t she demanding that State Attorney Dave Aronberg conduct the investigation?


Let texting fines pay

for teacher raises

I believe I have found the most comprehensive way to kill two birds with one stone. This concerning texting while driving and the need for taxes to help pay for Palm Beach County School District teacher’s raises.

I happened to read a monthly periodical where they listed the cost of texting-while-driving fines in the United States. Of course, California had the lowest fines at $20 and Alaska the highest with $10,000 plus a possible year in jail. I couldn’t believe Alaska’s fine, so I googled the Alaska government website and found out it was true.

I believe the jail sentence is a little out of whack, but what if we had fines that hit the wallet of drivers who text while driving? What the legislator is proposing for fines is a joke. The amount will not deter most drivers from texting while driving; this is a slap on the wrist.

So, up the fines to hundreds of dollars for the first offense and thousands for the second offense and have the fines go to the general fund to be used for the raises for the schoolteachers. This would work for the first year or so until drivers get the message not to text while driving, and the problem of texting would resolve itself.


Minor-league ballgame?

Charge minor-league fees

Looks like the Marlins continue to be the farm team feeding the rest of the teams in the league.

Sadly with their pitcher Jose Fernandez’s death, the Marlins keep losing, in spite of the good hitters who were on the team. We all know it takes good pitching to win games, not just hitting.

Had Fernandez not died he was good for at least 15 wins and an ace pitcher for years to come, and the Marlins would have been in the playoffs for more years.

Like Giancarlo Stanton said, it was like a circus in Miami, not knowing from one year to the next who would be traded. Dee Gordon, Marcell Ozuna, Stanton — all gone. That’s probably more than two-thirds of the Marlins’ total offense.

The manager, Don Mattingly, is defending part-owner Derek Jeter’s decisions. However, may I suggest: If they are getting rid of all those players and their contracts, how about management lowering the price of admission to the games, along with the price of beer, hotdogs and the parking fees.

After all, we are now watching minor league baseball. Fans should be paying accordingly.


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