Letters: Be safe around trains; 5 rules of the tracks

Be safe around trains;

5 rules of the tracks:

With two major railroad corridors traversing South Florida, Brightline is this week participating in the first U.S. Rail Safety Week spearheaded by Operation Lifesaver.

Railroads are just like roadways. They exist to transport vehicles specifically designed to operate on them — they are not sidewalks, shortcuts or bike paths. This week and always, keep yourself and your family and friends safe by following Operation Lifesaver’s top five rail safety tips:

1. Look and listen for a train as you approach all railroad crossings — obey all signs, warning lights and gates.

2. Trains are quieter and faster than you think — never try to beat a train.

3. Because of their size and weight, it can take a mile or more to stop a train.

4. Always expect a train on any track; avoid distractions when you approach a crossing.

5. Railroad property is private property. Walking on the tracks is illegal and dangerous.


Editor’s note: Robert Gatchell is Brightline’s director of safety and security.

Unpatriotic players

can count me out

The unpatriotic behavior of football players who have been exposed to brain trauma playing the game is understandable. Condoning this behavior by Miami Dolphins team owner Stephen Ross is not.

This pathetic patronage to players will only accelerate the already declining viewership of NFL fans. I am proud to count myself as a patriotic former fan.


Protesting players

disrespect my service

As a veteran, the NFL players who take a knee or sit during the national anthem offend me deeply. They claim to respect the flag but are protesting social injustice. There have been a huge number of changes in race relations during my lifetime. How will these millionaire athletes know when they have achieved social justice?

And why is it so hard for them to understand that they can find other ways to make their point without insulting the flag that I fought to defend?


Want to control

team? Then buy one

Another masterful stroke by our commander in chief: After two weeks of being able to enjoy some President Trump-free football on Sunday afternoons, he found a brilliant way to once again make it all about him.

Amazing how a few irresponsible words predictably led to massive television coverage that is virtually guaranteed to make his followers even more gleeful and his opponents even more frustrated — a win-win.

Why didn’t someone just say, ‘If you want to fire professional players for exercising free speech why don’t you just buy a team or two and do it?’ Mr. President, put your money where your mouth is.


Don’t disrespect the

national anthem

Taking a knee during the national anthem has nothing to do with equality. It has everything to do with disrespecting the flag and the sacrifices that men and women of all races paid for the very freedom that these players have to play the games where they earn the millions of dollars they do.

If you want to protest something like inequality, start your own protest in another forum. Do not diminish the sacrifices of all of the people who have been injured or killed providing us the freedoms we have.

Our freedom is one of the many things that makes America a great nation and those that have fought and died to provide that freedom deserve our honor and respect during the singing of the national anthem.


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