Letters Remember a vet with a wreath

Remember a vet

with a wreath

The wreaths that were placed at Lake Worth National Cemetery last Saturday were purchased and donated through the Wreaths Across America organization in Maine.

Being married to an Air Force veteran, I was able to purchase one wreath to be designated to Lake Worth National Cemetery and another to be shipped to our home in honor of my spouse for a very reasonable $34.

You can make a difference in honoring and remembering our veterans by going to wreathsacrossamerica.org.


Raising responsible

kids is parents’ job

It is interesting that some school districts across the nation and in Florida want to revise their code of conduct rules to reduce suspensions and expulsions.

Being removed from school certainly does not address the need of a student to grow and learn, nor does it address the concern of teachers having to deal with more behavioral problems, resulting in less instructional time.

Teachers are not hired to raise someone else’s child, but an increasing lack of parental concern and responsibility makes it difficult for students and teachers to be successful. Creating an attitude of responsibility begins at home, not at school, nor at work.

Both of those places can help, but the core of responsibility starts and must continue to be enforced at home on a daily basis.

None of us is owed anything but a chance to develop our talents. Endless belief in second chances or more support groups fosters a lack of responsibility.

Please, parents, for the sake of your children, teach them responsibility, accountability and respect so that teachers can successfully teach and children can successfully learn. Both will thank you.


Banning words for

CDC? What’s next?

Have we ever been closer to an Orwellian universe? Now the government has created its own version of news-speak, outlawing seven words from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lexicon.

One of these words is “fetus” and, while it was not mentioned in the Senate tax bill per se, “child in utero” was used instead. But we all know what that meant. Moreover, in that same bill, a “child in utero” was granted personhood, thereby opening up Pandora’s box for anti-choice measures.

Let us remember that a rose by any other name is still a rose, and a cigar is just a cigar. We should not let the government drown us in a sea of euphemisms, understatements or circumlocutions, lest we find ourselves retrograded to “1984.”


Is Jeter’s endgame

to move from Miami?

South Florida baseball fans may now realize what an over-hyped, arrogant, incompetent person Jeter is when they observe him destroying the Miami Marlins franchise. (Jeter doesn’t deserve to be called by his first name!)

Before purchasing the team, did Jeter and his partners tell anyone that they didn’t have the funds to improve and operate the franchise? Why didn’t Major League Baseball establish this as a requirement?

Someone in South Florida should organize a boycott of Marlins’ games to try and keep average attendance under 10,000 a game. This would show obnoxious Jeter that he can’t ruin a team without suffering the consequences.

Of course, such a boycott may encourage Jeter to try to move the team. Perhaps this has always been the man’s plan — alienate the fan base enough to get MLB approval to strip Miami of the team.

What would the plan be if season attendance were less than 500,000?


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