Letters Our taxes for schools help to ensure our future

Our taxes pay to

ensure our future

For all the old people (I’m 80) who feel that they shouldn’t pay taxes for schools because “they don’t have kids in school,” here’s a simple math question.

Which is more expensive: paying about an additional $50 in taxes to better educate the next generation of our future leaders, or pay thousands of dollars to support the people who, because of a poor education, will swell those who have no educational skills on the welfare rolls?


Time for have-nots

to vote their interests

America, aren’t you tired of standing to the side while the do-nothing-for-eight-years-under-President-Obama-Congress works long into the night under President Donald Trump to stomp those of you into the ground who make up 99 percent of the population of this country?

Aren’t you tired of watching Trump keeping his promises to the wealthiest among you who’ve never experienced an empty pantry, while you struggle to put food on the table for your family or go to food pantries if you’re a senior citizen, because Big Pharma continues to get away with charging so much for medications that your grocery dollars are eaten up by your co-pays?

Aren’t you tired of the plotting and planning against you and your interests in order that the wealthiest among you get huge tax cuts that Congress arrogantly tells you that you will pay for with drastic cutbacks to your Social Security and Medicare?

Don’t you see anything wrong with paying more income tax than someone earning between $75,000 and billions of dollars? Aren’t you tired of the greatest divide in decades in wealth between the haves and you, the have-nots, who grovel to exist every day? Aren’t you tired yet of continuing to vote against your own interests in favor of keeping those thieves in office?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you know what to do in November 2018 — vote them all out of office, who voted for this travesty. And vote Trump out of office in November 2020, because he’s proven that your lives don’t matter.


Earth is full, so

enough already

God said to us guys to go forth and populate the Earth, but there are 7 billion of us — it’s time to knock it off. So choose one girl, just one, and be satisfied with her, and once you’ve chosen, don’t look at the others because God says 7 billion is enough, already. And girls, it’s time to knock off the show.


Loria was bad enough;

will Jeter sink Marlins?

I am a faithful Miami Marlins fan who has hung in there year after year despite the mediocre performance on the field and an even worse one in the executive suite.

In reviewing the Marlins 2017 season, three of the people who kept me interested and watching on TV every night were Rich Waltz, Dee Gordon, and Giancarlo Stanton. Now all three are gone.

Rich, one of baseball’s best announcers, was fired. Stanton, the National League’s MVP, has been traded to the Yankees. Dee, one of the game’s most exciting players, has been sent to the Mariners.

Is it possible to have an ownership worse than Jeff Loria? Has Derek Jeter forgotten he no longer is a Yankee and is now working for the Marlins?


Man’s enlightenment

bodes well for him

I was only too glad to read the letter to Dear Abby from the divorced gentleman who accepted his shortcomings in the breakup (“Time allows man to see role he played in divorce,” Dec. 9).

In this world of bickering and fault-finding, it was refreshing to read of his self-reflection. It goes to show that when someone accepts their responsibilities in any situation, a tremendous amount of good can come out of it. I am sure the writer of the letter will be a better spouse when the time is right for him.


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