LETTERS: Follow money trail to get answers on private prisons

I read with interest the piece “Time to end secrecy around private prisons” (Thursday).

I would suggest that each of you contact your congressperson in the U.S. Congress and Florida Legislature and ask them how much money they receive in campaign donations from private prisons. Hopefully, you will get more of a straight answer than I did when contacting my Florida representative. As in many other situations, we need to follow the money trail.


Strategy to get land

rezoned is immoral

I was on the Palm Beach County Conservation Land Acquisition Selection Committee. The county spent $100 million to preserve agricultural land in West Boynton. I wondered how we bought and protected land areas only to have the Board of County Commissioners years later rezone the land for development.

Now I know the answer — money laundered into commissioner campaigns and pockets. While it may not be illegal, it is immoral.


Government can’t

be blamed for all ills

The erudite George Will surely knows that the genesis of professional licensing requirements is not government bureaucracy but rather the craft guilds that predate medieval times and even the Roman Empire.

The government, Will’s bogeyman, is an instrument that can be used skillfully for good or sloppily for abuse. To blame government at large is to blame the shovel when a hole is dug in the wrong place.


Trump similar

to Kim Jong-Un

I was watching the video clip of the Trump cabinet meeting and thought it was the North Korean senior political party members addressing supreme dear leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Then I realized there actually was a resemblance in leadership technique: narcissistic self-idolization.


Detractors trying to

bring Trump down

Yes, the Russians have tried to manipulate the election. Nothing unique here. This was not a novel one-off event in Russian meddling in our elections. But because President Trump won the election, Russian attempts suddenly took a life of its own, nurtured by his detractors.

However, this has evolved from investigating the hacking into trying to tie the president and anyone associated with him to colluding with Russia. It has become apparent that aside from investigating the real issue of Russian hacking into the election process, the phony continuing suspicious innuendoes directed at the administration and its personnel are trying to bring this president down.

The loser in all of this is us, the American people.


Travel ban targets

only undesirables

Regarding your article “Trump ban dealt another blow, faces high court next” (Monday), Attorney General Douglas Chan from Hawaii had the temerity to say the ban upheld the separation of power. I think Judge Chan and the 9th District Court of Appeals usurped the power of the executive branch for political reasons.

All the courts blocking this order did not rule on the law itself, but because of what they thought was Mr. Trump’s thinking.

This law to ban certain countries is to protect the safety of the people by stopping undesirables from entering America. Its use is at the discretion of the president. The law as written does not list all the excuses used by the courts. It did not mention religion or specific ethnicity.

These courts abused their power.


Easy access to guns

must be addressed

Congress, America turns its lonely eyes to you … another mass shooting.

It has become a common occurrence that this country has mass shooting after mass shooting to deal with. Wednesday there were two.

As of yesterday, the tally was 156 mass shootings in the 165th day of 2017.

This is something Americans live with every day — the great unknown: Will we return home to our loved ones?

Many Americans wait for you, Congress, to address some meaningful change in the easy access to guns in our country. We don’t need “word salad,” we need real change.

As for now, the only thing we can do is hug our loved ones when we part and pray we all come home at the end of each day and not become another statistic.


Answers needed

in London fire

On Wednesday, a 24-story, low-income apartment building in London burned so fast, all the stairways were engulfed in flames. People (some holding their children) flashed their cell phones from windows, hoping to be rescued by a crane that only reached the 10th floor. Some jumped. Some just called their families to say goodbye.

Neighbors said there were reports of faulty wiring months ago that had not been corrected by the owner. There were no sprinklers. And the elevators didn’t always work.

How could this happen in a developed country? Where was the government?


Trump should not

be honoring military

As reported in the Post, President Trump will award the Medal of Honor to Vietnam veteran James McCloughan. (“Michigan Vietnam vet is Trump’s 1st Medal of Honor recipient,” Tuesday)

As a veteran, I salute McCloughan. Also, as a veteran, I feel that Trump being involved in any ceremony honoring the men and women who have served this country is hypocritical and a disgrace.

Trump’s remarks over the years regarding the military show his disdain. On his prep school years: “I received more training militarily than a lot of guys that go into the military.”

During an interview with Howard Stern, speaking about his sexual activity and avoiding STD’s: “It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

On Senator John McCain, who was a prisoner of war for over five years: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured. O.K.?”

During his presidential campaign, a combat wounded veteran gave Trump his Purple Heart. Trump’s response: “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart — this was much easier.”

Enough said.


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