Letters Flagler Shore howls from citizens fell on leaders’ deaf ears

Flagler Shore howls

fell on deaf ears

I attended the city-sponsored event for Flagler Shore on the West Palm Beach waterfront Dec. 14. To say it was “heated” would be an understatement. There were howls of protests from dozens of citizens outraged at the dreadful manner in which Mayor Jeri Muoio’s obsession has been crammed down our throats.

I felt regret for the city employees serving at “listening post” kiosks who were overwhelmed by the nearly one-sided opposition. Did this matter to the mayor? Not a whit. She emphatically resisted any dissent and insisted this project would go forward, no matter the local residents’ fury.

In response to my question as to whether Flagler Drive might be returned to its original four-lane configuration her answer was “no.” So much for listening on the part of the mayor.


Schools crowded?

Time to slow growth

The Post noted the overcrowding in the Boca Raton schools. Several weeks ago, The Post noted that county revenues are coming up short due to rapid growth. Perhaps it’s time to stop approving every development that is proposed.


Gaetz is no student

of geopolitical history

Matthew Gaetz, first-term congressman from Florida’s 1st District, should be ashamed and embarrassed for trying to shut down the investigation into the true nature of the Trump administration’s relationship with the Russians.

He has tried to besmirch the reputation of the revered special prosecutor with allegations of bias. He has let his partisanship and ambition blind him to the extreme seriousness of the situation.

Apparently, the young congressman is no student of history or he would know the Russians are not our friends and undermine free elections across the globe.

If he were truly patriotic, he would be horrified by the improprieties already displayed by President Donald Trump and his minions regarding the Russians and their attempt to compromise our democracy.


Could pastor make

Trump see reason?

Maybe I missed it in the commotion of Christmas Day. I didn’t see a photo or a tweet wishing son-in-law Jared Kushner and his converted wife, President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, a “Merry Christmas.”

I know they are both Jewish, but the president seems to think he has brought back “Merry Christmas” again, even at the expense of disrespecting other traditions.

I certainly hope the pastor of the Christmas service attended by the president was able to take him aside and explain civility and respect for all traditions.


Trump’s tax finagling

common and a nonissue

I read some of the rants written by Christine Stapleton and Lawrence Mower in the article, “Trump’s Mar-a-Lago tax deal veiled from IRS review,” (Sunday) and I was mildly amused.

It seems the authors do not realize that most businesspeople and individuals do take legal advantage of every tax break they can. To do otherwise is plain stupid.

If President Donald Trump has done something illegal, he should pay for it. If the IRS or Congress is unhappy with these tax breaks, they should change them.

If Stapleton and Mower are serious, they should forgo taking any tax deductions on their next filing. Then, their articles might carry more weight.

The articles that were published are total nonissues.


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