Letters Flagler’s fine; focus on fixing other areas

Flagler’s fine; focus

on fixing other areas

Instead of blocking a lane on Flagler Drive in order to allow a few pedestrians and bicyclists a safe place to walk and ride (I guess the mayor feels the wide sidewalk is inadequate), how about tackling the unsafe areas in the rest of West Palm Beach?

In the past few weeks, we have had tourists mown down trying to cross Quadrille Boulevard and now two more trying to cross Okeechobee Boulevard.

The mayor’s priorities are definitely in the wrong place.


‘Housewife’s’ special

treatment is SOP

While reading the article about the arrest and hearing of “Real Housewives” celebrity Luann de Lesseps, it stunned me that she was allowed to be released without having to post bail and was allowed to leave the state.

This surely doesn’t seem to be fair to most people facing similar charges who have to post bail and pose no flight risk. It seems as though some get special treatment.

Next, will the State Attorney’s Office seek to have her sentenced as they would anyone else facing the same charges, or will special treatment be rendered again?

Most people know that if you can hire an attorney, your sentence will be greatly reduced. So is this really a fair system or is this a system of lawyers for lawyers by lawyers? It will seem that judicial justice is for sale if the state attorney doesn’t treat all charged and convicted people with the same penalties regardless of having an attorney or not.

It’s long past time for our judicial system to quit giving special treatment to people just because they can afford an attorney on matters where they can represent themselves in many cases such as the one Luann de Lesseps is charged with.

I will closely follow this case to see if the sentence requested by the State Attorney’s Office is consistent with similar cases. My guess is that justice will be for sale along with an attorney negotiating with the state attorney.




A recent letter to the editor bashed President Trump for being a “do-nothing” leader. In fact, the letter writer stated that he has accomplished less during his first year in office than any of his predecessors. If this is true, the record levels of employment and stock market gains must be credited to Barak Obama for leaving office and Hillary Clinton for losing the election.

Now I understand. President Obama’s leaving was a selfless act of sacrifice designed to improve our standard of living. Since chances are good that he will stay gone, we can expect at least four more years of positive economic results.

And what can we say about Hillary? She lost like a champ, spending hundreds of millions on her campaign and leaving behind a legacy of trickle-down benefits for all. We can only hope that she will have the fortitude to run in 2020 and lose again.




As a 96-year-old combat veteran, after studying the GOP tax plan that has just passed, I find it to be frightening.

Be aware that the corporate tax will be dramatically lowered. This “fantastic windfall” that will trickle down to the workers will be a mere pittance. You can be sure that a major portion of undeserved wealth will be used to buy back stock from shareholders and to sweeten their bonuses.

The boards will now have control of the majority of stock and will now own the companies. Alas!

Please be aware that President Trump will have snookered our great America.


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