Letters Curriculum finally catching up to world

Curriculum finally

catching up to world

“States push for media literacy: Classes teach students how to tell fact from fiction,” reads the recent Post headline.

I am a former health/life management high school teacher who retired in 2009. Finally, organized education in our country is getting smart.

In 1990, I thought it important to create a unit in my health classes titled “How to Think.” I was amazed that nowhere in public education at the time was there any education on how to tell fact from fiction.

I used to state, “Whatever one thinks to be true either is the truth or becomes true in one’s mind.” Every waking moment of the day our brains are thinking and nowhere, until today in education, is there any education on how to think and properly use our amazing brains. In this 24-hour-a-day’s world of myriad sources of information, this skill and knowledge are absolutely imperative. Finally, our archaic educational system is modernizing.

One more way our public school systems are getting up to speed: as I did in 1990, adding a unit titled “Your Financial Future,” some states today are entering a K-12 curriculum on finances.

The world is changing very rapidly. Our school systems need to do the same.


Charges for girls

not instantaneous?

The article “Sheriff preparing charges against high school girls in beating video” (Dec. 27) shows just how skewed our American justice system is. Any assault would be immediately met with cuffs, and the collection of witness statements and evidence, like the numerous videotaping cellphones. These [girls] committed a crime!

So why is the sheriff still “preparing”? Is he trying to finagle a way to not arrest them or reduce such violence and hate to a lesser crime?

Anybody else doing the exact same thing would be arrested for assault followed by the decision of how to legally prosecute, not the opposite. The Sheriff’s Office is obstructing justice for the victim. Protect and serve law-abiding citizens are their primary duties, and NOT protect and serve criminals.

Bad decisions like this by a few in authority are exactly what give policemen a bad name, make their job harder and put good cops at risk.


VA wasting paper

with drug mailings

Being a Korean War veteran, I am so appreciative of the medications I receive from the VA. What amazes me is that with every medication I have received in the mail for many years, 19 medication guides and legal documents are included with each medication, to me and to millions of other vets I presume.

I’m sure the VA can save many millions of dollars on the paper and ink and mailings, as this can surely be addressed in another manner, as presently it all is being wasted.


We gave our consent;

now we live with it

The concept of consensual validation is not spoken of often. But it is very important. Basically, it means that people agree on something and that enables humans to communicate and understand life experiences.

One important way to see how consensual validation works is our political system. For example, Americans agree that if a candidate wins the Electoral College vote, he or she is the president of the United States. We also agree that if one candidate receives more popular votes but does not win the Electoral College vote that candidate does not become the president.

When we elect the Congress, we all agree that the majority will have an advantage in making new laws. Sometimes the laws favor one group. Right now, we are witnessing the new tax law favoring the wealthy.

According to consensual validation, we all agree to follow this unfair law. The country voted for the Republicans to be the majority and now we have to go along with the new law even if it is unfair to the middle class and the poor.

President Donald Trump often says there is nothing to the fact that he takes advantage of laws in his business affairs.

The laws that favor the rich may not be good but they are legal.


True journalism

our source for facts

Recently, I read Celeste Ng’s book “Little Fires Everywhere.” I’d like to share a few pertinent sentences.

“Journalists chronicle our everyday lives. They reveal truths and information that the public deserves to know, and they provide a record for posterity, so that future generations can learn from our mistakes and improve upon our achievements.”

Journalism is a noble calling in which the investigation of events and the subsequent portrayal of such events enables the public to be aware of the facts.

There are those in our current administration who would besmirch the tradition of journalism in our country if only to decry the facts as we know them. We, the public, are not fooled by these disingenuous liars who seem to be allergic to the truth.

How sad that our current president watches Fox News relentlessly, believes its misinformation and then proceeds to tweet out the same misinformation — as factual.

Make a promise to yourselves to view the new movie “The Post.” A reenactment of true, undisputed journalism.


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