Letters: Columnist gives Trump taste of his own medicine

Robart had written the decision bringing a halt to the administration’s illegal ban on immigrants from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Americans will have more respect for the president when he himself starts to show respect for the other branches of the government, the Constitution and the media as well.


Attack on president

waste of time, money

When the Democratic-dominant press releases an army to investigate and dig up dirt on a Republican president and his appointees, what happens?

It leads to wasted time in Congress and many taxpayer-paid millions of dollars for investigations based on innuendo, hearsay and sometimes irrelevant truth.

My advice to future Republican candidates:

Do not call out the press for fake news. Not even Jesus himself or his apostles would be able to survive this onslaught.


You can’t change

Delray without playing

Some of us felt the invasion when the Delray Affair set up 55 years ago. Some of us felt the intrusion when the farmers started to sell their land and developers moved in and we were no longer able to find the Delray native, gladiolus. Some of us were so used to the buildings east of the bridge shuttered up from April to November. but some of us really liked the beach in the summer, hardly a soul in sight. Some of us didn’t like the festivals and art and jazz.

The world has found Delray. Delray is mentioned in “best beach” and “best place to retire” articles.

We are a destination to live and play all year-round for the old, the young, the addicted and the sober. We are a city with more than 80 restaurants, boutique stores and our own T-shirt store. A high-rise community in Veterans Park and a downtown movie theater, a trolley from the train to the beach, a parking problem, congestion and fighting among our commissioners.

And some of us don’t like this either. But it is here. Unless we shut down the internet, we are going to continue to grow. Embrace it, question it and be part of the evolution.

Vote on March 14. It is important for the future of Delray.


Trump has replaced

swamp with cesspool

President Trump stated that he “cleaned the swamp.” What he didn’t say was what he replaced it with.

So beware of his repeal and replace of the Affordable Healthcare Act, which was modeled after the very successful health plan in Massachusetts called Romneycare.

In place of the “swamp,” Trump replaced it with a cesspool. And he has loaded the pool with snakes. And those snakes have done the bidding of the president by being dishonest, lying to Congress, unethical conduct and conducting the business of governing as if it were a dictatorship.

President Trump has stated that he has the “utmost confidence in all of his people” and as such, we can only conclude that honesty, integrity, ethics and morality are fake words to the members of the Liars Club, with Trump as its president.


Loretta Lynch meeting

an outrage as any other

I find it both strange and amusing that there is an uproar over Jeff Sessions meeting with the Russian ambassador and no uproar when Loretta Lynch of the Department of Justice met with Bill Clinton in a clandestine meeting at an airport while Hillary Clinton was under investigation by the DOJ.


Editor’s note: The meeting with Clinton caused Lynch to recuse herself from the DOJ investigation of Clinton. That left the matter to FBI Director James Comey.

Carbon dividend plan

is best for our children

Last week’s column on the “harmful GOP establishment tax plan,” “Con: Trump’s too smart to fall for harmful GOP Establishment tax plan,” (Feb. 25), is timely and much appreciated. This issue may become a critical flash point for Congress soon.

Mr. Burnett’s verbiage struck me as misleading on two major points.

He states that “the best evidence” suggests humans are not causing significant climate change. He cites the Heritage Institute as his employer. The Heritage Institute has a history of climate change denial, and their arguments have been repeatedly debunked. Their funding sources have been heavily corporate.

Second, he says a carbon tax is bad for the economy. But he ignores that the carbon fee and dividend policy are revenue neutral, with all revenues returned to American households. Studies by REMI Inc. show that such a plan would accelerate economic growth rather than slow it, especially for an economy like Florida’s, which has strong solar power production potential and no fossil fuels to speak of.

But more importantly, the carbon dividend plan helps insure us against climate change, a danger to our children’s future.


Oscar performances

during Trump’s address

So, here’s what I observed during the president’s speech to Congress Tuesday evening. As we all now understand, the content was nothing new, but the tone was calmer as if to portray a president in control.

All that aside, here’s what stood out to me. The Speaker of the House, sitting behind the president, continuously projected facial expressions which indicated he was absolutely in love with Donald Trump. The vice president’s expressions indicated that he was either angry or didn’t know what was going on around him. In both cases, they both performed credible imitations of bobblehead dolls. Bravissimo.

Then, widening the view, we had all Republicans in the chamber behaving like Jack-in-the-Box creatures after every presidential statement.

This, while the Democrats were doing their best imitation of Mitch McConnell’s last eight years of sitting on his hands. And, for our edification, we did have a number of vestal virgins all wearing white in the Democratic ranks.

Additionally, we had the emotional introductions by the president of people who had suffered somehow under the previous years’ administration. Way too much and way too maudlin.

Pretty much a bang-up evening, wouldn’t you say? And this group, my fellow Americans, is what passes for your congressional delegation. Sound the trumpets and run for shelter.


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