Letters Beware consequences of overdevelopment

Beware consequences

of overdevelopment

Are we, the citizens of Palm Beach and adjoining counties, looking out for our own best interest as we approve massive housing developments, allow immense concrete condominiums and consider luring Amazon to set up its second headquarters? The answer is no.

All you have to do is spend time in Tampa, Orlando or Miami to see the results of uncontrolled development. Sit in those endless, frustrating, ubiquitous traffic jams. Bounce along the many roads that have gone unrepaired for years. Listen to the city and county leaders try to explain the untenable proposals to fix their lack of planning.

Slow down. Fix the current problems. Carefully lay out the plan for the future.


Writer’s gun proposals

not very practical

The letter, “Three steps to reduce U.S. gun violence” (Monday), was not very helpful when looking at the facts.

The writer suggests more people join the National Rifle Association to change the organization from within. It is not the membership of the NRA that has been preventing common-sense gun laws — it is the leadership. Over 70 percent of existing members already support universal background checks but seem to have no effect on the actions of the organization to which they pay their dues.

Secondly, the writer suggests raising the cost of gun purchases to outrageously large amounts. So, all guns then, of every type, would be available only to the rich? The wealthy will now control all the money and all the weapons, along with so much more.

The mandatory gun liability insurance with very high coverage suggestion did sound like it could, at least, be helpful to victims after tragedies, but not as a preventive measure. You would want it to be as affordable as possible.


Follow Roosevelt on

inheritance taxation

President Donald Trump is calling for the elimination of the inheritance tax.

President Teddy Roosevelt, over 100 years ago, advocated an inheritance tax. In 1907, he said: “I do not believe that any advantage comes either to the country as a whole or to the individuals inheriting the money by permitting the transmission in their entirety of such enormous fortunes as have been accumulated in America…

“Such a tax would be one of the methods by which we should try to preserve a measurable equality of opportunity for the people of the generation growing to manhood.”

It is apparent that his view is pertinent today, as well.


Ross must crack down,

suspend balky Dolphins

Billionaire Dolphins owner Stephen Ross backed his belligerent players three weeks ago 100 percent regarding not having to stand for the national anthem. But when 64 percent of Americans decided they have had enough of the NFL Sunday games, he all of a sudden became a patriot.

He announced through his coach this past weekend that all the players who are on the field must stand for the anthem. However, those who object can stay in the locker room during the playing of the anthem.

For Ross to be a true patriot, he needs to inform his players that if they are not on the field for the national anthem they will be suspended for that game without pay.


Right to kneel is what

America stands for

America stands for the right to kneel. Those who kneel in the face of political opposition honor what America stands for.

Even those who disagree with them can see they give proof through the night that our flag does yet wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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