Mar-a-Uh,oh! Stormy Daniels takes stripping tour to Palm Beach County

You knew this was coming.

Porn movie actress Stormy Daniels, she of presidential hush-money fame, is bringing her bouncy “Make America Horny Again” strip-club tour to West Palm Beach.

“We, being the closest club to Mar-a-Lago and directly across the street from Trump’s International Golf Course, feel she is going to be a huge hit!” said Stacy Saccal, the general manager of Ultra’s Gentlemen’s Club, at 312 S. Congress Avenue.

The club booked Daniels for a total of four shows Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, Saccal said.

“We are still working out the details,” Saccal said. “There will definitely be a cover, but we don’t know what it will be yet.”


The strip club, which had formerly operated as T’s Lounge, is no stranger to furthering the careers of ripped-from-the-headlines vortex celebrities of ill repute.

Previous bookings include Octomom, the public-assistance mother with six children, who took fertility drugs that brought her octuplets. Then there was Amy Fisher, the so-called “Long Island Lolita,” who at the age of 17 shot and wounded the wife of her adult male lover, Joey Buttafuoco. And before them there was Kathy Willets, part of an infamous husband-and-wife prostitution team. She offered a groundbreaking Prozac-induced nymphomania defense at her trial.

So when Stormy Daniels takes the pole there in April, she will be less of an anomaly and more of a latest installment in a line of tabloid trailblazers.

This isn’t even the first Donald Trump-related stripper there.

Eighteen years ago, when private-citizen Trump built his golf course practically chipping distance from the strip club, it’s former owner, Gary Odle, hoped to cash in on possible confusion. He imagined that some Trump golfers might have thought “T’s Lounge” was somehow affiliated with Trump.

Odle went as far as to time the opening of the golf course with the hiring of a stripper named Bianca Trump (no relation) to perform at the club. But Trump’s golf club opened three months behind schedule, and by then Bianca Trump had picked up her clothes and gone elsewhere.

“He opened it late and now I can’t get her,” Odle said at the time. “You’ve got to line up these girls six months in advance.”

By the time Trump opened the course, the strip club was featuring a dancer named Echo Mountains. Odle tried to make it relevant to Trump. But it was a stretch.

“Trump’s got mountains on his course, and we’ve got Mountains here,” Odle said.

The strip club’s timing may be off again this year with the hiring of Daniels. While Trump frequently spends weekends in Palm Beach County during the winter, the booking of Daniels will be at a time of year when Trump may be transitioning to golf weekends at his clubs in Virginia and New Jersey.

Daniels, the star of about 270 adult films, began her strip club tour shortly after the recent Wall Street Journal revelation that she was paid $130,000 by Trump’s personal lawyer one month before the 2016 Presidential election. The money was alleged to be in exchange for keeping quiet about what she had previously described as a yearlong affair with Trump in 2006, which began a few months after the birth of his son with his third, and current wife, Melania.

The White House has denied the affair took place, while refusing to explain the payment to the porn star.

It’s not the first time that Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has thrust herself into the political realm. In 2009, she flirted with running for office in Louisiana against U.S. Sen. David Vitter, who had been identified as a prostitution client of the infamous “D.C. Madam.”

Daniels, who didn’t want to be identified with any political party, went around the state on a listening tour, and before dropping out, she came up with a catchy slogan for her candidacy:

“Stormy Daniels: Screwing People Honestly.”

She may want to come up with another catchy slogan for her shows here in Palm Beach County.

After all, she will be here on the weekend before the income tax filing deadline. It would be a perfect opportunity to challenge Trump to disclose the income tax filings he has kept from public view.

Who better than Stormy Daniels to be a spokesperson for transparency and getting Trump to open up about his IRS filings?

Suggested slogan for her Palm Beach County stripping weekend: “I’ll Show You Mine; You Show Me Yours.”

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