Did you know these 31 celebrities lived, went to school in Lake Worth?

Oh, Lake Worth. That quirky nugget of beach-fronted charm between West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach is a town of both deep history and deeply-felt fringey funkiness. And so the folks that have called Lake Worth home (or went to high school or college there) are all over the map, from a soap diva to a folk rock icon to an infamous killer. Become acquainted with the luminaries of the L-Dub.

Deidre Hall: When the once and future Dr. Marlena Evans appeared on NBC’s “Battle of the Network Stars” reboot last summer, there was something thrilling about hearing the “Days of Our Lives” icon introduce herself as Deidre Hall, Lake Worth, Fl.

Miss Cleo: The late TV psychic, who passed away in 2016, was a Lake Worth resident late in her life and was a fixture at coffee houses and even celebrity judging panels in and around town.

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Mark Hanna: The Hollywood screenwriter of “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” was living in a Lake Worth rehab center when he died at age 86 in 2003.

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Felipe Alou: The former Major League Baseball player and manager, who became the first Dominican player in the league in 1958, had a home in Lake Worth.

Burt Reynolds:The Bandit famously fell in love with acting under the tutelage of legendary Palm Beach Junior College professor Watson B. Duncan III at the school’s Lake Worth campus.

Monte Markham:The actor, of the original “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Golden Girls,” among others, studied under Watson B. Duncan III at Lake Worth’s Palm Beach Junior College.

Charles J. Whitman: In an informal poll asking for suggestions for celebrities for this list, the person mentioned most often, besides Deidre Hall, was Whitman. In 1966, the Lake Worth native killed 13 people and wounded at least 31 shooting off the clock tower at Austin’s University of Texas. He is buried at Hillcrest Memorial Park.

Mark Foley: The former U.S. Congressman, who resigned from office after a texting scandal, started as a city commissioner in Lake Worth and lives in the city. And he was an extra in the Lake Worth-filmed “Body Heat.”

Jesper Parvenik:The Swedish native and professional golfer attended Palm Beach Junior College on a golf scholarship.

John Sebastian: The Lovin’ Spoonful’s lead singer spent many a “Summer In The City” in Lake Worth at the home of his grandparents, who lived there. Later, Sebastian owned his grandparents’ home for a time, something he told the Palm Beach Post when he came to perform at the Bamboo Room. Which made for quite a “Welcome Back.”

Greg Rice: The real estate investor, actor (the TV version of “Foul Play”) and pitchman, along with late brother John, is a Lake Worth resident and a fixture at city establishments, parades and events.

Gareth Williams: The “Dawson’s Creek” actor attended Palm Beach Junior College in Lake Worth.

Violet Englefield:The early 20th-century star of London theater and Broadway lived in Lake Worth toward the end of her life.

Judge Reinhold: The “Beverly Hills Cop” actor and former Martin County resident attended what was then Palm Beach Community College.

Heidi Mark: The former Playboy Playmate and ex-wife of rocker Vince Neil attended Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth.

Lt. William Calley: The military officer put on trial for the My Lai massacre in Vietnam briefly attended what was then Palm Beach Junior College.

Mike D’Amico: The Wondermints and Brian Wilson band drummer lives in Lake Worth.

Kevin Fagan: The former San Francisco 49ers defensive end was born in Lake Worth.

Andy Hansen: Nicknamed “Swede,” the Lake Worth native and two-star athlete at Lake Worth High School went on to play for the New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

Paul Castronovo: The syndicated radio host of The Paul Castronovo Show (formerly the Paul and Young Ron Show) went to Lake Worth High School.

Sid Klein: Carole King’s dad lived in Lake Worth, where he was active in local Democratic politics.

Nicki Hunter: The Lake Worth native is a former pornographic actress, now a director and producer.

Scott “Raven” Levy: The former World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, World Championship Wrestling and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling personality is a Lake Worth High School graduate.

Joe Looney: The Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman went to Lake Worth High School.

Robin Morgan:The former child actress and eventual feminist author, poet and lecturer was born in Lake Worth.

Herb Score: The late MLB pitcher and Cleveland Indians broadcaster threw six no-hitters for Lake Worth High School, leading the team to the school’s only state baseball championship.

Neva Gilbert: The Lake Worth resident, at 88, is the oldest living Playboy Playmate centerfold.

Mayo Smith:The Lake Worth High School alum managed the Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers to the 1968 World Series championship.

Otis Thorpe: The retired NBA All-Star with various teams including the championship Houston Rockets went to Lake Worth High School.

Trea Turner: The Washington Nationals shortstop was born in Lake Worth.

Thomas Keller: The Michelin-starred chef of Napa Valley’s French Laundry and New York’s Per Se went to Lake Worth High School and started his career at the Palm Beach Yacht Club on Flagler Drive.

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