What’s Donald Trump got in common with JFK? (It’s not just Palm Beach)

Larry Kudlow talked to his pal Donald Trump a few days ago.

What about?

The usually chatty CNBC senior contributor wouldn’t say, but Kudlow did reveal one tidbit: He and his wife, Judith, might be dining at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago next week.

Kudlow’s coming to Palm Beach not to schmooze with America’s new boss but to sign his new book, “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity.


It’s no secret that Kudlow — Wall Street analyst, conservative commentator and TV personality — has been advising Trump.

“I had a hand in his tax plan,” Kudlow says.

It’s no surprise he thinks Trump will be good for American prosperity.

“We’ll see a sea change in tax reform and regulatory reform,” he says. “Trump is very pro growth — just what the doctor ordered.”

What might surprise you is that Trump’s tax-cut philosophy is similar to that of a Democratic president — John F. Kennedy, the first president since the 1920s to slash tax rates across-the-board.

Kudlow’s book shines a light on that oft-forgotten piece of history.

Republicans are now considered the tax-cutting party — but JFK did it first, to boost economic growth, and Ronald Reagan followed JFK’s tax-cut growth model, Kudlow and co-author Brian Domitrovic explain.

“Here’s Kennedy, who wins a squeaker over Nixon, and he appoints three Republicans to senior cabinet posts, including Douglas Dillon (as secretary of the Treasury),” Kudlow says. “Dillon is the hero of this book.”

In a bold bipartisan move, JFK rejected the advice of more-liberal advisers, Kudlow writes, and he listened to Dillon, who warned of the dangers of high tax rates and big spending.

“JFK was one of the earliest supply-siders,” says Kudlow, who worked in Reagan’s Office of Management and Budget. “Sadly, today’s Democrats have ignored JFK’s tax-cut legacy and have opted instead for an anti-growth, tax-hiking redistribution program, undermining America’s economy.”

Kudlow’s point: “There’s no reason we can’t have bipartisanship. There’s no reason tax cuts are the sole propriety of the Republican Party. They are not.”

He’s trying to influence economic policy in both parties with the book, he says — and also remind Americans (and perhaps Trump) that both Kennedy and Reagan were civil men.

“Civility is a theme in this book,” Kudlow says.

Trump’s meeting with President Barack Obama was a turning point for him in terms of his public behavior, Kudlow says.

“I’ve had a long and good relationship with him (Trump),” he says. “He’s a very smart guy. He likes winners, he likes loyalty. He’s also a guy who is open to new ideas and likes to see intellectual battles.

“He’s willing to make a change if he hears a good argument.”

Clearly, Kudlow’s gone a few rounds with Trump, but Kudlow himself says he’s more temperate than temperamental.

(He works at it. The financial expert, 69, has talked freely about his drug and alcohol addiction and decades-long sobriety.)

He reserves his splurges for his wife, Judy, an artist, who will be joining him in Palm Beach.

“We’ve been married 30 years. She’s the love of my life.”

She’s also the saint of his life, he says.

Even Kudlow’s 100,000 Twitter followers know Judy as his “saintly wife.”

“They tell me my saintly wife saves me, and I completely agree with that.”

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