Subscription boxes are the ideal gift this year: Here are 9 of the best

Allow your holiday gift giving to be a little different this year. Subscription boxes are personal and some are even customize-able. With these cute little boxes, you skip the hassle of wrapping and waiting in long retail lines. Whether it’s a box full of themed collectibles from the hit show “Stranger Things” or a selection of gourmet foods from all over the country, a subscription box is the gift that will put a smile on your friend’s face and keep it there.

Here is a round up of some of the best ones (from least to most expensive):

Cravory, $12.95 per month

What’s in the box: Six cookies delivered to the doorstep each month with each box full of different flavors. Think pumpkin pie in October and citrus shortbread in April. This company is thoughtful about their selections.

Ordering tip: You can order a dozen or half a dozen for three, six or 12 months. Get 15 percent off of your first purchase with the code Save15.

MeUndies, $15 per month

What’s in the box: This box is perfect for the person in your life who has complained about doing laundry. With MeUndies, they’ll get a fresh pair of underwear every month. Selections include classic, bold or adventurous patterns. Limited-edition holiday prints are also available. Choose from Joy Vey, Freshly Baked, Penguin Party, Panda Clause and Bubbly. Life’s too short to wear mediocre underwear!

Ordering Tip: With this box, you order the first pair then your recipient can swap, skip or cancel anytime.

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Lootcrate, $15 per month

What’s in the box: A handful of authentic licensed collectbles and gear for the lover of pop culture. Every month, the curator at LootCrate picks a unifying concept that ties together collectibles, apparel and gear. November’s theme is “Unite 2.0” with featured items from Power Rangers, Voltron, DC Comics, and Overwatch.

Ordering tip: Save 15 percent on your first order with the code UNITE15.

MistoBox, $20 per month

Ordering tip: Order MistoBox as a gift for one month ($20), three months ($60), six months ($120) or an entire year ($240). 

TeaSparrow, $25 per month

What’s in the box: Tea Sparrow is the tea-curating prs. This subscription box is for tea growers, blenders, world-leading sommeliers or just everyday people who love a good cup of tea. Encourge your loved one to visit their tumblog for recipes on tea punches, cocktails, sorbets and smooties. 

Ordering tip: Gift this box to a friend for one month ($25), three months ($66) or six months ($120). Or purchase on box for 40% off on Groupon.

Try the World, $39 per month

What’s in the box: A curated selection of gourmet foods such as tapas from Spain, pastries from Turkey, spreads from Argentina and soup from Thailand. Every month, seven foods from other countries and exotic places can be at your loved one’s doorstep.

Ordering tip: Give your loved one a peek of what to expect by exploring #TryTheWorld posts from Instagram users

SeaCrate, $35 per month

What’s in the box: Whoever is lucky enough to recieve this box will enjoy a collection of real sea glass, sea shells, sweet and salty treats and other nautical, ocean-themed goodies. It seems perfect for a friend or loved one who misses home on the coast. 

Ordering tip: Order this box by the end of November to get in time for Christmas. 

HelloFresh, $60 per month

What’s in the box: Fresh ingredients for three delicious recipes that take under 30 minutes to make. Don’t forget to choose a plan that’s right for him or her. Is he or she a vegetarian? Cooking for two? Looking for ingredients that are simple to prep?

Ordering tip: Receive up to 50 percent off your first box.

Taster’s Club, $69 per month

What’s in the box: Something new to sip every month and informational materials to compliment it. Think whiskey profiles, tasting notes and production techniques. It’s perfect for the person who loves whiskey but also enjoys trying a bit of everything. 

Ordering tip: Don’t worry about Taster’s Club ruining the surprise. They’ll send all initial emails (welcome email, certificate) to you, the purchaser. 

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