5 reasons to fall in love with Lake Worth’s newest beer and wine bar

Downtown Lake Worth is an easy place to chill. With its pastel walls, it is a lovely example of the easygoing vibes that come with coastal Florida. You walk slower in downtown Lake Worth. Maybe you even laugh a bit louder and you definitely order that second and third drink as the palms sway in the wind. 

And if you're not in a Florida state of mind, there's a way out, through a door that's always open, a small place with a couple tables for two outside. You walk in, and you leave South Florida — its palm trees and perpetual vacay behind. Everything changes. The brown and maroon tones swallow you up immediately. Then the dimmed lighting, the soft music and the people talking. 

Lake Worth’s self-serve beer and wine bar, ‘Revelry’, which opened its doors in May of 2017, feels like a bar you'd see on Harry Potter. Looks like an Irish pub. Feels like a friend's basement. But it’s more comfortable than both. 

Here are 5 reasons we love Revelry:

1. The magic

Antique sofas and comfortable chairs form small living room areas. You’ll see wooden accent walls and industrial light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. It has a sort of mystery to it. Like, where you’d find your favorite musician by the bar. You could dress super casual or dress it up and fit in either way. And let's not forget how magical it feels to score free parking. Behind the bar is a little courtyard, which is next to Revelry’s own free parking spaces.

2. The connections

Revelry is a living-room, lounge-style bar with people eager to socialize. The music isn’t loud at all, which is why you see so many guests interacting with each other — even from across the room. There are board games too. And there's no pressure. Go in alone and leave with a few new friends. 

It's the perfect, on-the-grid place to go off the grid. So put your phone on silent, or better yet, just leave it in the car.

3. The Surprises

This isn’t your typical bar where you have to wait to get served by a bartender. Just get your drink from self-serving coolers and pay for it right after. But don't get used to what you see there. The products are always changing. In fact, the owners like their suppliers to “surprise” them with new drinks, letting you try different things every time you visit. There's a kids-turned-adults dining menu too: from pretzel bites and grilled cheese sandwiches to hummus and even ice cream. Oh, and you sure can turn your beer into a float.

4. The Happy Hour

Monday through Friday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., get $4 craft drafts and 50% off any glass of wine. Surprisingly, Wednesday has been one of their busiest days: People order bottles of wine at a time, said the owners.

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5. The characters behind the counter

When the employees at the bar are also the owners, you know you’re getting special treatment. Then there's fact that they’ve been in the hospitality and restaurant business for more than a decade. The three owners are also close friends, and they’ll treat you like they treat each other. Of course, you'll want to get to know them after you see their job titles are better than yours. Meet:

“The Mayor,” Brando Garcia. He's the creative eye behind the pictures of the place (and the girls). He also runs the marketing and hangs out around Lake Worth meeting locals and inviting them to Revelry. Talk about a well-rounded Public Relations kinda-of-guy.

“The Classy Broad,” Zena Tarantino. She’s the artsy chick with bright red hair, rocking tattoos and keeping the place looking anything but ordinary. Tarantino handpicked every decoration in Revelry and chose gold glitter paint for the bathroom doors. The ambiance is just perfectly... different. She’s always coming up with new ideas, new specials and soon, booking new performing talent.

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“The Libation Lobbyist,” AKA Megan Kelly. Because no bar is a good place without great customer service. Kelly is the people person of Revelry. She likes to deliver everything — especially great customer service. She enjoys getting to know her customers and hanging out with them after work too.

If you go:

Address: 17 South J Street Lake Worth, Florida, FL 33460

Contact: (954) 770-8822 or www.revelrybars.com

Hours: 4:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. everyday

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