Exploring SoSo: Taste of Europe Deli brings tradition, comfort food to the neighborhood

There’s a European deli in “SoSo” — the West Palm Beach neighborhood south of Southern Boulevard — that keeps family traditions and childhood memories alive.

It’s the kind of place where you can sit down and enjoy slices of cured meats, liverwurst and cheese. Where Europeans and their descendants come to sweeten their taste buds with childhood favorites like Kinder Chocolate, Lakotki cookies or Oranżada sodas from the old continent. 
The 900-square-foot Taste of Europe Deli on Dixie Highway and Independent Road gives many locals a sense of homeland.  

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“I like coming here for the fresh bread which they sell every Saturday morning. It’s German bread,” said Regina Henson, who is originally from Germany and has been living in “SoSo” for the past six years. She’s passed along her love for German food to her daughter, who is also her neighbor. 

“When we crave German food we come here. If it’s German, it’s always good,” said Henson. “If you live around here, you know this place, especially Germans.”  

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The Polish owner, Wojciech “Walter” Dziedzic, says his customers bring a smile to his face. He likes seeing them remember the food from their country and come back for a comforting memory.  

“It’s amazing to see some people that can’t speak their family’s native language, but they remember the food from their childhood or from their grandmothers,” said Dziedzic.  

You can get cans of Govedi Gulas’s Dobrova Beef Goulash, which are common in Hungary, jars of Polish Kamis’ mustard and frozen Pierogi (filled dumplings), which are popular in Central and Eastern Europe.  

The deli, which is also a market, has a display of traditional herbal medicine, oils and scents. Products like Natursept, from Poland, and Droze take people back to their childhood sick days. Keeping in stock the German equivalent to our children’s Tylenol or the cure-it-all American chicken noodle soup. 

Dziedzic thinks there's a small European community that lives in West Palm Beach all year round but when the snowbirds are in town, the deli is more alive and the fresh double-crusted German rye bread goes from a once a week sale, to daily.

Lately it has become a quick stop for curious foodies looking to broaden their palates.  It’s a great place to explore the flavors, scents and species of European cuisine. Dziedzic will let you buy a sampler platter of all different cut meats and cheeses. He can recommend what flavors go together and what other products to get while you’re in there.  

"Now, everybody wants to try new food and to explore their heritage. It's great and something to be proud of," said Dziedzic as he cut thin slices of cut meats and fresh bread.  

The deli sells the fresh German Rye bread on Saturdays at 10 a.m. but, hurry, it sells fast.

*Reporter’s note: I recommend trying a platter of deli cuts with fresh German bread. The Kinder hippos and the European Orange Fanta.

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If you go:

Address: 5707 S Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach 

Phone: 561-383-2368 

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