CityPlace’s Revolutions temporarily shut down for sanitation violations

Revolutions at CityPlace was ordered to stop operations and was temporarily shut down Friday after a state inspector cited it for 12 violations including misrepresentation of menu items and the presence of dozens of live, small flying insects.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation allowed the restaurant where patrons can eat, drink and bowl, at 477 S. Rosemary Ave., West Palm Beach, to re-open Saturday after finding no violations.

Revolutions’ general manager Michelle Foster said Monday, “Everything has been fixed. It was all addressed that evening, and we were back up and running at 8:30 in the morning. That is not something we want to happen in the first place. Going forward everything will remain as such.”

In addition last week, Packy’s Family Sports Grill, 11379 W. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton was also ordered closed Feb. 5 after being cited for 13 violations, including live roaches and more than 100 dead roaches. Packy’s was cleared and re-opened Feb. 7.

Revolutions was issued an intermediate violation involving misrepresentation of two menu items, the report states. Foster said management was not aware of the menu substitutions.

The restaurant’s menu states “All Beef Kosher Foot-Long Dogs,” but four cases of Nathan’s Famous Beef Franks found in a freezer were not labeled kosher, the report states.

The inspector also noted that while the menu states “Wagyu” beef burgers, no Wagyu beef was found in storage. Employees told the inspector that Revolutions has not served that type of premium beef since October. Wagyu is a type of richly marbled beef that comes from Japanese cattle.

Revolutions was cited for four high-priority violations. High-priority violations are those which could contribute directly to a foodborne illness, according to DBPR.

Revolutions’ high-priority violations included:

•Approximately 60 small flying insects found in the bar area.

•Approximately 30 small flying insects under sink and landing on clean pans in a storage rack

•Butter, required to be held at temperatures under 41 degrees, was held at 74 degrees for more than four hours.

•A stop sale was issued for the butter.

Three other intermediate violations were given for a lack of hot water at all hand-washing sinks and at a three-compartment sink, and for a hand-wash sink that was not accessible for employees due to items being stored in it.

Basic violations were issued for holes in the wall behind the bowling bar and in the kitchen.

Other basic violations included water draining onto the floor from an ice machine, a wet wiping cloth under a cutting board, and employees’ personal food stored in the freezer along with food to be served to the public.

Packy’s owner Mike Nealy said Monday that the timing of the inspection was unfortunate because his exterminator had just been there the day before and had seen roach activity near a sink. The exterminator treated for roaches, even going so far as to drill holes in the wall.

When Nealy and the inspector arrived the next morning, on Monday, Feb. 5, numerous dead roaches could be seen.

“I have had a licensed inspector come every month for the last nine years. I also have a cleaning contractor,” Nealy said.

Everything in question was fixed and the restaurant re-opened on Feb. 7, Nealy said.

Packy’s high-priority violations included:

•Approximately 15 live roaches in the bar, cook line and prep table areas.

•Raw burger stored over cooked onions in a reach-in cooler.

•Chicken wings and rice not cooled to 41 degrees within six hours.

•Stop sale issued for 120 pounds of chicken wings and 14 ounces of rice.

Packy’s was cited for an intermediate violation for food being covered while cooling.

Basic violations included more than 100 dead roaches, a soiled floor, accumulated grease on the floor and/or under cooking equipment, soiled range hood, shelf with food debris, soiled cooler gaskets, and improper storage of single-serve items and bottles of ketchup and hot sauce.

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